Diabetic Foot Syndrome

Diabetic foot syndrome (DFS), colloquially known as "diabetic foot", is closely associated with diabetes mellitus syndrome, most commonly occurring in patients with type 2 diabetes. The cause for this is rooted in typical diabetes-related circulatory disorders of the extremities and/or reduced sensitivity to pain due to so-called diabetic neuropathy. Wounds are incurred in banal accidents or even simply by bumping one's toes against the shoe or edges.

There is a risk of deep hole-like skin sores (ulcerations) steadily growing deeper into the foot down to the bone, while getting colonized by germs that may prevent normal wound care and healing. This results in about 50,000 amputations a year performed in Germany alone.

Caring for deep, down to the bone wounds by use of the "Dr. Winkler method", as it is done at Döbling Osteitis Center, can prevent amputation.

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