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The Osteitis Center at Döbling Private Hospital has long been known as a prestigious address for the treatment of infections of the skeletal system. Patients from Austria and abroad appreciate the expertise and the high standards of quality.

Infections of the bone (osteitis) or the bone marrow (osteomyelitis) are among the most difficult diseases to treat. While in the past numerous operations and months of hospitalization were required, today a single operation followed by a brief hospitalization is usually sufficient.

The principle of our method is administering antibiotics directly to the affected area in much higher concentration than usual – without negative impact on the rest of the body. At the same time existing defects of the bone are reconstructed. If necessary, implants can be combined immediately and thus restore the original function quickly.

Innovative treatment of osteomyelitis

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In this video, the renowned expert of osteomyelitis treatment, Dr. Heinz Winkler, talks about his unique method of treating bone  infections at the Osteitis Center Döbling. With his method osteomyelitis can be cured with a single operation in most cases.


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